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Student Laundry

Let Us Worry About Your Laundry!

Why let us do your laundry?

You’re at school to learn, study and have a little fun.  Don’t let doing the laundry cut into your study time (or study break time) and take over your life.  Grapevine Laundry and Linens offers wash-and-fold laundry plans for students at affordable prices, with convenient pickup and drop-off times!  Let us worry about your laundry so you have more time to study and prep for those mid-terms and finals.

How it works

Wash-and-fold services are offered by semester or annual plans based on the weekly number of pounds of laundry you will want cleaned  – 10, 15, 20 or 25 pounds.  You may be asking..  “What’s in 10 pounds of laundry?”

The following lists approximately 10 pounds of laundry:

  • 2 pairs of men’s jeans
  • 2 pairs of men’s dress pants
  • 2 short sleeve golf / polo shirts
  • 1 long sleeve shirt
  • 1 short sleeve shirt
  • 3 pair of under garments
  • 3 pair of socks

Fill your bag with your weekly dirty cloths and drop it at your designated drop off location.

Campus drop locations are located outside of your residence hall with convenient drop off times.  It’s that easy!

Pick up your clean, folded cloths at the same location you dropped them off.  To make sure you get your laundry, we will ask for a valid form of ID such as a student ID or government issued photo ID.

Colored bags for ease

We make it easy by providing different colored bags for your wash-and-fold and dry cleaning (additional fee).

Black bags are used for dry cleaning and anything inside will be cleaned, pressed, packaged and returned on hangers or in the dry cleaning bag.  Dry cleaning is not included in the wash and fold pricing.

Any other colored bag can be used for wash-and-fold.  The contents are washed, dried, folded and packaged and returned in a laundry bag.  All medium and dark colors are washed in cold water.  Whites are washed in warm water.  All cloths are dried on medium heat.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy and all we ask you to do is download, print and complete the form below.
We require you to have a valid credit card on file with us and we will bill you.